Action de ville 38

Action de ville 38

location: Perpignan, France

photos: Max Wyse

©Martine Viale 2019


From May 29 to 31 2019, I participated in an experimental residency curated by Camille Santacreu at Fort de la Galline in the South of France. The residency consists at inviting artists to stay for a period of 48hours in a cellar without any contact with the outside world and with minimum comfort. During this rather intense experience I started to imagine performative action scores that could be developed in cities. Currently, I challenge myself to choose one random score per week and to execute it in a chosen site, as precisely as possible.

Action de ville 38 score:

-Draw your left hand on paper.

-Place the paper on a wall.

-Feel your hand touching the wall.

-Come back the next day.

-Observe the site and the condition of the paper.