Cartography of an action @La Cave volet 4

Cartography of an action @La Cave volet 4 (The cellar phase 4)

Galerie librairie du Filaf

Perpignan, France, November 2019

photos and videos: Max Wyse

context: The project the cellar curated by Camille Santacreu is an experimental residency which consist of inviting artists to reside in a cellar cut off from the outside world for a duration of 48 hours. From May 29th to 31st it was my journey in the cellar. During my stay, I worked on action scores which I activated, with the public collaboration, during the opening night of the shared exhibition with the artist Clara Claus on November 15th 2019 at Galerie librairie du Filaf, Perpignan, South of France.

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