Cartography of an action – Reframed

location: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Wearing earplugs, I traced a path through the electric streets of Barcelona until I found a busy crossing point. There I stood motionless, disappearing and reappearing between the waves of people. Without predetermined movements, I left the site… On my backpack, we could read the writing, acció/res, action/nothing, action/rien.

When I arrived in front of the museum of contemporary art, I took off the letters “nothing” and walked slowly with the only word “action” on my back. I walked in the middle of the skateboarder’s activity, who were passing so close to me that one could apprehend a possible collision.

Once I passed the museum, I removed my earplugs; this marked the end of the action.

M.V. 2021

this action was carried out on December 4th 2021, as part of Pssst!-A worldwide performance festival for silence and be silent. A project conceived and curated by Stephan Us. photos: Max Wyse ©Martine Viale 2021