Cartography of an action @Residency

Cartography of an action

Reconfigured residency and action-encounter

Espace o25rjj, Loupian, France

photos: Pascale Ciapp

©Martine Viale 2020

In December 2020, I was invited by Pascale Ciapp, director of Espace o25rjj to develop an art residency. Due to Covid 19 and the health situation of the moment, this residency has been reconfigured and developed at a distance. I oriented, rather, my research on the meaning of absence in my practice which is based on live experiences. Thus, what was supposed to be the result of wandering and intimate experiments in the village and with its inhabitants, became a work on the memory of a territory already visited in the past. To approach this displaced space, I relied on two poles present in my work: the relation to intimate spaces, represented here by an imaginary itinerary sewn in the palm of my open hand and the relation to the public space. The work was composed o three images installed on three balconies of the building’s facade and created a certain looped reading, constantly bringing the gaze back to this imaginary itinerary. This work was accompanied by an action-encounter with the public, on December 12th 2020.