Distance-Proximity-Conversation with Richard Serra/Charco Exchange@AccionMad

Distance-Proximity a Conversation with Richard Serra

presented as part of Charco Exchange during Accion Mad Festival

Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain, november 2016

Duration: residency-process: 10 days (in Madrid and Granada)

action duration: 40 min.

photo credit: MATSUestudio for the images of the final action at the Reina Sofia Museum and Martine Viale for the images of the studies.

Context: This work was created in collaboration with Analía Beltrán i Janés as part of the Charco Exchange project

(initiated by Ana Matey and Isabel Leon Guzman).

We were given a space which was already inhabited by Richard Serra’s work. We worked with the idea of distance-proximity (how close can we get! how far is too far…) between the sculptures and us, between us and the audience, between each other! In this same sense of “measurement” of our own limits and relation to things and others, we invited the audience to step into the work, constantly moving them between the sculptures.