LEGS@Espace cercle carré, Montreal 2015

Context: Bringing together 48 artists from Quebec’s extended performance art community, the event consisted of a day of “relay” actions presented as one continuous durational performance.

Actions in order:

I enter the space looking at the audience

I then exchange some items that are part of my identity with another artist (glasses and jacket)

I light up a cigarette, lay down on the floor and let it burn

I place the still burning cigarette up right on the floor.

While the cigarette is still burning, I cover my mouth with mint toothpaste and put the mouth in a glass of water.

I stay until the water turns white then put the glass on a small table.

I address the audience and tell them that they need to move

I then drag a mobile wall into the space, forcing people to change places quickly

I cover my entire head with a paper roll filled with holes

The artist who previously took my items enter the space, take small scissors and carefully cut the paper exactly in the middle of my face

We exchange items again

I leave the room while she starts her action

Duration: 10 min

Photos: Laurence Poirier